Peter and Patrick had a hard workout
Peter Bearman and Patrick Ives have had a hard workout. When Peter walks into the locker room he notices Patrick is on the bench stretching from some aches and pains. Peter immediately takes advantage of the situation, offering a deep massage to his bear buddy. Patrick is in heaven as Peter takes his strong muscular hands and digs them into his broad shoulders and his tense body. Before long Patrick flips over exposing his thick man meat to his work out buddy. Patrick takes his cock and massages it with his mouth sucking him deeply. As promised Patrick returns the favor to his friend, offering him a massage in return. The men swap positions and Patrick rims Peter like his hasn't eaten an ass out in months, digging deeply into his man cheeks with his tongue. With his legs in the air he pounds his buddy with deep thrusts, in and out. The men are on edge, both ready to burst as Patrick pulls out and spills his hot load all over his friends hairy body, groaning like a bear.

STARRING: Peter Bearman, Patrick Ives

Scott and Peter get straight into the action
Scott Gable and Peter Moorr get straight into the action giving each other an oral 69 on the sofa. They both prove to be hungry cocksuckers, deepthroathing and tasting their daddy dicks with every inch of their mouth. The men love their leather as much as they love cock. Peter�s pierced chode and leather gear excites Scott as he works his pole deeper and tdeeper down his throat. Scott bends Peter over the sofa, licking his beefy ass as he grabs onto his ball sack. Scott fucks Peter over the end of the sofa, fucking him from behind. He flips Peter, grabbing on to his legs for leverage - pulling him onto his cock. Peter blows his load first, pumping out a gushing load of semen onto his hairy body as he groans and monas like a real bear. Scott blows his creamy load next, spurting it on to his leather cock strap.

STARRING: Peter Moore, Scott Gable

Dale and Steve getting it on in their jail cell
Dale West and Steve Hurley are two burly pipe smoking bears getting It on in their jail cell. Steve is sitting pinching his oversized nipples with his erect cock standing firm. Dale walks into the scene and Steve takes his thick veiny cock on his tongue, licking him and sucking him down to the base of his shaft. The men are in their leather assless chaps and leather gear with Steve pumping Dale�s mouth as he begs for it on his knees. Dale presents his ass to Steve on the floor as he bends over backwards, letting Steve drill his hole deep � preparing him for a huge dildo. Dale takes the dildo deep as he jerks himself off pinching his nipple. Steve works Dale up to squeezing out his load just before he bends him over again to dump his creamy cum onto Dale�s smooth ass.

STARRING: Dale West, Steve Hurley

Steve Hurley

Steve Hurley

Patrick Ives

Patrick Ives



David Griffin

David Griffin

Dale West

Dale West


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