Tom and Andrew heat things up in the bedroom
Tom Colt and Andrew Adams heat things up in the bedroom with some hot hairy sweaty man on man action. Tom takes Andrew�s big thick man meat in his mouth sucking on his tip and licking his shaft, letting his rough beard rub up against his sensitive cock skin. Tom teases his nipples, biting on the gently, making them erect as he slaps Andrew�s cock against his stomach, making him swell. The men are just getting started. With Andrew on his back, Tom sits on his face and gets his muscular hairy ass rimmed deep as he grunts with pleasure. Tom returns the favour as they move into a 69 position sucking on each other�s massive poles. Tom takes a good sniff of Andrew�s ass before he spits on it and rims him with his long tongue. He kisses his ass and sucks on his balls making Andrew beg for a lick of Tom�s balls. Andrew can�t wait to be inside tom�s bubble butt. He takes his hard shaft and slowly pushes into his man hole, pumping him gently as he pinches his nipples. Tom is in for a hard fuck and can�t wait for Andrew�s thick creamy load to pour out his cock tip. The men beat off and cover their hairy bodies in warm tasty man cream, moaning and grunting with intense pleasure.

STARRING: Tom Colt, Andrew Addams

Jessie and David are two men who really love hair
Jessie Foxx and David Griffin are two men who really love hair. Jessie�s unshaven chest really brings excitement to David as they sit on the sofa and get things heated up. Jessie takes David and lays him back on the sofa, sucking his nipples and grabbing at his crotch. David is impressed with Jessie�s thick stock as he unzips his pants and tastes his man meat. David takes in every inch of Jessie, teasing him and licking his inner thighs up to his balls. When David whips off his pants he goes to town on Jessie, making him swell to his maximum size. Jesse takes David and has him present his ass high in the air as he prepares to rim him. David enjoys having a moist wet tongue in between his cheeks as he strokes his cock. The men are warmed up and Jesse drives his cock into David from behind, grabbing onto his shoulders for leverage as he goes deeper and deeper into his ass. He pumps him hard making him groan with pleasure. Jesse pulls out at the end to pour his streaming cum all over David�s beefy, sweaty body. His load pours onto David�s chest, some hitting his eye and his chin.

STARRING: David Griffin, Jessie Foxx

He unzips his jeans to discover a huge cock
Damian Ford is sleeping on his bed when in comes in David Griffin who takes advantage of him while he is sleeping. He unzips his jeans to discover a huge cock, swelling hard. David takes his big schlong and starts to tease and stroke it. Damian is so excited he can�t wait to bend David over and drive his ass hard.. and that�s exactly what he does. He pumps David from behind, letting his balls slap against David�s ass cheeks. Damian flips David around to fuck him face to face, seeing the enjoyment in his smile. Damian pulls David on top of him and fucks him like a bunny as David presses his hand up against the wall. The men roll around the bed fucking and sucking, preparing to blow their loads. When Damian pulls out of David�s ass David strokes his cock until he creams all over his beefy torso. Damian unloads his man milk in the same place, leaving David glistening in cum.

STARRING: David Griffin, Damian Ford

Jack and Tom are in their jail cell getting it on
Jack Sanders and Tom Southern are in their jail cell getting it on. Jack blows Tom as he grabs behind his thighs, presenting his ass for Jack to lick. Tom takes in Jack�s juicy cock, licking and teasing him with his tongue. Tom bends Jack over on the jail cell bed in his leather gear and licks his ass from his balls to his crack, moistening his hole � preparing him for his thick meaty rod. Tom plows Jack rough and deep, getting him ready to take his cream. The men blow their loads one after the other � tom soaking Jack in his juicy cum and Jack tossing his man milk on himself, drenching his hairy body in sperm.

STARRING: Tom Southern, Jack Sanders

David is intensely addicted to sucking cock in back alley ways
David Griffin is intensely addicted to sucking cock in back alley ways. He�s been caught once again by the local police and is locked up for his naughty addiction. He reminisces in his jail cell about a past cell mate, Bill Brandt. Bill was a straight prisoner who just couldn�t resist giving this muscle daddy the pounding of his life. Bill takes his fat cock and digs right into David�s ass. He fucks him vigorously without letting up for a second. With his legs in the air and arms behind his head, David takes every inch of his buddy Bill. You can hear his sweaty nuts slapping against David�s muscular ass as he puts his entire weight into him. Surprisingly the condom doesn�t break from all the friction. Panting and moaning, David exhales deeply and takes a big slurp of Bill�s big juicy cock, anticipating his prize. Bill pulls out and David goes in to eat his ass raw. -licking, spitting and tonguing him as he strokes his sloppy wet cock. Bill blows his intense ropes of cum all over himself as David prepares to finish himself off. David pumps out his creamy load, cock bound by a rubber band � day dreaming of the man who so intensely satisfied him.

STARRING: David Griffin, Bill Brandt

Peter Moore is your typical leather daddy
Peter Moore is your typical leather daddy who loves taking huge dildos up his vast ass hole. He�s here to show off the assortment of sizes he can take on. He first selects a dildo from his table of toys and teases his mouth by cramming in the dildo as far as he possibly can take it. His ass is certainly deeper than his mouth! He lubes his ass in preparation for the first dildo. He mounts himself on the table; legs spread wide as he inserts the huge dildo slowly into his ass. He bends over exposing his cheeks as he begins to ride the dong. Peter is feeling frisky and wants to take on the massive huge dildo to finish himself off. His unknown colleague pumps his ass hard as he masturbates. He blows a torrent of cum asll over himself as the massive dildo ploughs into him.

STARRING: Peter Moore


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